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Welcome to Balance Bloom Pilates – Your Sanctuary for Finding Balance and Personalized Well-being!

Step into tranquillity at our studio, where barn-style architecture, high ceilings, and French doors opening onto a lush private balcony create an ambiance that allows you to disconnect from external distractions and focus on nurturing your body and mind. Experience the difference in your personalized Pilates style on our Deluxe Pilates reformer beds, unwinding from the outside world.

In today’s fast-paced, stressful lifestyle, Balance Bloom Pilates offers a refuge. Our approach provides a safe and customized Pilates experience, tuning into your body’s unique needs each day. Recognizing that not every exercise program should be fast-paced and intense, we offer a practice that complements your body’s rhythm, reduces stress, and promotes mindful well-being.

Through thoughtful questions and adjustments tailored to your body, we enhance stretch, strength, and mindful control in each session. Our aim is to improve physical aspects while fostering destress, unwinding, and cultivating a sense of balance, leaving you feeling energized.

At Balance Bloom Pilates, we celebrate the uniqueness of everybody. That’s why we offer personalized one-on-one sessions to ensure you get the most from your Pilates experience. Additionally, we provide Duet sessions and Mat classes for those seeking a more affordable yet enriching Pilates practice.

Our authentic Pilates approach includes various movement techniques, such as stretching, foam rolling, breathing exercises, fascia release, and both reformer, chair and mat Pilates. Whatever your body craves, we have the right blend to suit your individual needs and fitness goals.

Join our 50-minute instructor-led reformer Pilates classes for a low-impact, high-intensity experience, leaving you feeling toned, flexible, and stronger. Located in a vibrant Parnell neighbourhood with quaint coffee spots nearby, our studio offers the perfect post-Pilates retreat.

Pilates provides health benefits like increased muscular endurance, improved body awareness, core strength, posture, flexibility, and controlled breathing – all contributing to a leaner body. Experience the transformative power of Pilates at Balance Bloom Pilates.


At Balance Bloom Pilates we have a variety of class packs to choose from, starting with casual single classes to bringing a friend or partner Duo classes. With no memberships or lock-in contracts you can choose an option that is right for you. 

So why not get started with us at Balance Bloom today… It’s more than just a workout. 

Meet the team

Luci Harrison

Luci is the visionary founder of Balance Bloom Pilates, with an impressive career spanning over 20 years as a dedicated Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. Luci’s multifaceted expertise is rooted in her roles as a certified personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach, and internationally certified Pilates instructor, further enhanced by her ongoing studies towards a diploma in Nutrition.

Luci Harrison is not just a Pilates instructor and personal trainer; she is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive set of qualifications:

  • Certified in Health and Fitness, Personal Training, and Gym Management from the prestigious NZ Institute of Health and Fitness (Open Polytechnic).
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, showcasing her commitment to a holistic approach to wellness.
  • Peak Pilates USA Certified Trainer and PPS Certified Instructor, attesting to her high level of proficiency in Pilates instruction.
  • Achieved the esteemed status of Peak Pilates USA Master Instructor, reflecting her mastery in the field.
  • Additionally, Luci holds the title of Facial Fitness Instructor, demonstrating her diverse skill set in the fitness and wellness domain.

With Luci Harrison at the helm of Balance Bloom Pilates, clients can trust in her wealth of knowledge and experience to guide them on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

Fleur Chaplow

Fleur is deeply passionate about health, wellness, and Pilates. She honed her skills at Suna Pilates, obtaining both Reformer and Mat Pilates Instructor Certificates. Her unique journey includes working as a stewardess on super yachts, bringing a diverse perspective to her practice.
Fleur further expanded her expertise by completing the Strong Pilates Academy and is currently immersed in learning classical combined with Fusion Pilates here at Balance Bloom Pilates.
With a friendly and professional teaching approach, Fleur’s classes are highly recommended. She offers duos or private sessions afternoon and evening classes, as well as Saturday morning 10 am Pilates Mat classes. Don’t miss out – message me to book your spot!


Shikha is a highly skilled and certified Pilates instructor, with a deep dedication to her practice and a genuine passion for movement. Hailing from Georgia, USA, Shikha has embarked on a journey across the globe, sharing her expertise in Pilates reformer, mat classes, Tower, and Cadillac. Her teaching experiences have taken her to diverse locations, including Belgium, where she has honed her craft under the guidance of international Master instructors.

Driven by her purpose, Shikha is committed to helping individuals from all walks of life discover the profound joy and liberation that comes with conscious and intentional movement. She believes in fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body, bridging the gap to empower her clients on their wellness journey. With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and global influences, Shikha brings a dynamic energy to our studio, enriching the experiences of all who cross her path.

Join us at Balance Bloom Pilates for a transformative fitness journey towards Finding Balance and Personalized Well-being!

Join me for a private or duo reformer Pilates session

Professionally trained, internationally certified, experienced instructor.

Private tranquil central city studio, equipped with deluxe Pilates machines.

What every you want out of your fitness whether its weight loss, weight gain, increased fitness, or general well-being; Luci will help you exceed your goals, plus on-going coaching, and support. Luci is working towards online classes for Pilates and Wellbeing.

My Pilates one on one sessions keeps me interested in my fitness helping me committed to improving my health and body. I have noticed a huge benefit in a short time in my muscle shape and feeling trim, tall and toned. It is also great as this is my time just for me.

Michelle Bellette

Luci keeps herself on the cutting edge of, not just Pilates, but the broader holistic dimensions of wellbeing. She walks her talk, has done her own work, and knows what she knows.

Kirsty Thomas

My Pilates programme is tailored to my particular needs having a beneficial workout. Her flexibility with both in person and online session times ensures consistency when Life is so busy.

Linda Web


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