Duo Reformer Pilates

A full body workout that will transform your body from the inside out

Reformer Duet Pilates

Keep motivated and book a Semi Private Reformer Class with a friend, partner or colleague, achieve your goals together and have fun too!

Duo Reformer Pilates offers a challenging yet low-impact workout that sculpts lean muscles from head to toe. This distinctive practice utilizes the Pilates reformer machine to provide added resistance, enhancing the effectiveness of your workout.

By incorporating springs for resistance, Reformer Pilates targets and enhances flexibility, strength, posture, and functional movement, delivering comprehensive benefits for your body.

Results from Duo Reformer Pilates

The versatility of the reformer machine combined with the spring-based resistance offers a range of benefits, including

Is Duo Reformer Pilates Right for Me?

Whether you’re seeking to diversify your fitness regimen, strengthen your body, enhance balance, or rehabilitate from an injury, Reformer Pilates provides a dynamic opportunity to engage your entire physique. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, the reformer offers ample room for progression.

While our Intro to Pilates Class serves as a prerequisite for Reformer Pilates, we welcome participants of all levels to join us on the journey toward improved health and vitality.

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