Pilates Instructor

Shikha is a highly skilled and certified Pilates instructor, with a deep dedication to her practice and a genuine passion for movement. Hailing from Georgia, USA, Shikha has embarked on a journey across the globe, sharing her expertise in Pilates reformer, mat classes, Tower, and Cadillac. Her teaching experiences have taken her to diverse locations, including Belgium, where she has honed her craft under the guidance of international Master instructors.

Driven by her purpose, Shikha is committed to helping individuals from all walks of life discover the profound joy and liberation that comes with conscious and intentional movement. She believes in fostering a deeper connection between the mind and body, bridging the gap to empower her clients on their wellness journey. With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and global influences, Shikha brings a dynamic energy to our studio, enriching the experiences of all who cross her path.