Our Parnell room studio offers a variety of classes including duet reformer, matwork Pilates, Private one on one Pilates.

Our Parnell Studio

Nestled in the heart of charming Parnell, our studio is conveniently situated upstairs in the Fantail house. Featuring French doors that open onto a private balcony and high wooden ceilings, our tranquil space allows you to escape external distractions and fully focus on yourself.

Parnell is a quaint area of Auckland city, boasting vibrant cafes and art galleries nearby. Feel free to explore these charming spots before or after your session, adding an extra touch of relaxation and inspiration to your day.

Our Parnell room studio offers a variety of classes including duet reformer, matwork Pilates, Private one on one Pilates. In addition, there is a range of small group mat classes and 1:1 classes available for clients with injury or clients preferring to work through a program designed especially for their needs and posture type.

Our studio is suitable for all age groups and helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. Most people don’t understand how good their bodies are meant to feel until you have tried Pilates. We are here to help you discover your thriving self.

Embrace a Vibrant, Balanced Life

With consistent practice, expect to enhance your flexibility, achieve overall muscle tone, and increase strength and mobility throughout your body. Rest assured, our highly qualified instructors are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring safe and effective movement.

Our passion for movement is palpable in every class, as we deliver meticulously crafted and inspired workouts designed to yield the results you desire. We firmly believe that nurturing spinal mobility and cultivating body awareness is the key to living a pain-free, healthy, and joyful life.

Why Choose Us?

If you like working on your technique, being challenged, and enjoy variety, look no further. We pride ourselves in delivering quality classes that are fun and innovative.

We will get you moving and connecting with your body like never before. Get personal attention, even in our Duo and Mat Pilates sessions, and leave feeling like you have been supported and guided to your strengths and ability.

Feel the difference when you join us at Balance Bloom Pilates, where our highly experienced team is dedicated to helping you become the strongest, happiest, and healthiest version of yourself.

Live a Healthy, Happy Life

While fitness trends may come and go, Pilates remains a timeless practice. We believe that our distinctive classes speak volumes through the transformation they bring to your body. We don’t need to persuade you about Pilates; all you need to do is experience it first hand and make your own decision.

Our Commitment

At Balance Bloom, we promise to provide exceptional Pilates instruction that prioritizes your comfort and safety within our studio. We are fully dedicated to our clients, sharing a genuine passion for Pilates, overall well-being, and the transformative benefits of movement.

Focusing on achieving tangible results, overcoming challenges, and offering steadfast support from our outstanding team, we consistently draw clients back for more. This winning combination solidifies Balance Bloom as one of Auckland’s leading Pilates studios.

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